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Contact: Sarah Weber
Senior Director, Workforce Development & Student Chapters
(202) 266-8654

The NAHB Student Chapters logo is available for download in several formats and color options.

Please right click on the "download" link next to the logo of your choice, choose "Save Target As" and then rename and save the file to your desktop. For your website, email signature and other online uses, choose the RGB version.

For more information on approved logo usage, please review the NAHB Brand Identity Guidelines (the "Guidelines"), which outline legal and graphic guidelines.

Student Chapters logo

NAHB Student Chapters Logo

Right-click on the file link and choose "Save Target As" to open.

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Use of the NAHB Student Chapters logo is a benefit of affiliation and its use therefore is reserved for organizations affiliated as NAHB Student Chapters.

Use of the NAHB Student Chapters logo is confined to identifying an organization as an affiliated Student Chapter of NAHB. The NAHB Student Chapters logo may not be used in any manner or position to denote or imply any endorsement by NAHB of an organization 's product or services, and an organization may not convey use of this logo to another organization for any purpose whatsoever.

By downloading this logo, I reaffirm the following statements that I acknowledged and agreed to when I accepted the NAHB Student Chapters Logo Usage Terms and Conditions:

  • I represent that I am duly authorized by the affiliated NAHB Student Chapter organization (the "Organization") to act as its agent in connection with the NAHB Student Chapters logo, including placement of the logo in the Organization 's materials;
  • I have reviewed and understand the terms outlined above;
  • I agree that the Organization shall discontinue all use of the logo if the Organization 's affiliation with NAHB is terminated by the Company or by NAHB for any reason;
  • I agree not to alter the logo in any way;
  • I have reviewed the NAHB Brand Identity Guidelines (the "Guidelines") and I agree to adhere to the Guidelines to the best of my ability;
  • I understand that NAHB reserves the right to withdraw the Organization 's permission to use the logo if the Organization does not comply with the specifications and purpose set out in the Guidelines; and
  • I understand that misuse of the logo constitutes grounds for revocation of the Organization 's affiliation with NAHB as a student chapter.