HBAs and Student Chapters

Student Chapters
Contact: Sarah Weber
Senior Director, Workforce Development & Student Chapters
(202) 266-8654

Each NAHB Student Chapter is chartered by the NAHB Board of Directors through a local HBA. As its sponsor, the local association plays an important role in the educational and career development of students in construction. Starting a student chapter is easier than you think.

In most instances, the local HBA is very involved in the day-to-day operations of the student chapter. It may sponsor and financially support many of the chapter’s activities. Some HBAs provide a position on its boards of directors for the student chapter president or faculty advisor, both of whom should participate in regular board meetings to facilitate communication and interaction. This board involvement is often the first step to grooming individuals into becoming members after they graduate.

Student chapter members often assist at major HBA activities, such as home and garden shows, conventions, and community service projects. While students gain valuable experience with the operations of the association, the HBA gains extra hands for certain tasks and develops a working relationship with the students.

Other HBA/Chapter Activities

  • Members serve as meeting or classroom speakers, give industry updates, and arrange field trips to local job sites
  • HBAs coordinate summer internship programs for student chapter members with local builders or sponsor career fairs
  • Raise money for scholarships and help solicit contributions of tools, lab equipment or supplies

More than 140 HBAs sponsor an NAHB Student Chapter. This sponsorship strengthens the ties between the associations and their communities. It leads to greater publicity and community awareness of the HBA activities and their purposes. More importantly, their sponsorship introduces young men and women to NAHB, their associations, and to home building as a rewarding career.

Whether it’s a profession in the trades or in construction management, the program is a launch pad to our industry. Sponsoring HBAs provide guidance and leadership to students—the future industry leaders.

Getting Started