Robert L. Mitchell

Rockville, Md.

NAHB Past Chairmen and Presidents
Contact: Cyndi McKinley
AVP, Leadership Operations
(202) 266-8346

Robert L. Mitchell
Robert L. Mitchell

Year Served:
Inducted into Hall of Fame:
Hall of Fame Location:
2000s, I, 1, A

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Robert L. Mitchell served as NAHB president in 2000. Mitchell is a home builder and developer and co-founder of Mitchell and Best in Rockville, Md. Mitchell served as one of only two three-term presidents of the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Association, was president of the Maryland State Builders Association, Maryland National Representative to NAHB and in 1990 was selected as National Representative of the Year.

He also served as an area National Vice President for the Mid-Atlantic States of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. During his term as president of MNCBIA, Mitchell originated a public affairs involvement that grew into Home Builders Care, a local charitable foundation that is active in community-help programs in the suburban Washington, D.C. area.