Ernest A. Becker, Sr.

Las Vegas, Nev.

NAHB Past Chairmen and Presidents
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Ernest A. Becker, Sr.
Ernest A. Becker, Sr.

Year Served:
Inducted into Hall of Fame:
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70s, V, 1, A

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Ernest Becker served as NAHB president in 1978. A third-generation home builder, Becker owns Ernest Becker Enterprises in Las Vegas, Nev., and Atlanta, Ga., constructing housing for low-income families, custom homes, townhomes and hospitals. Becker was president of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Building Contractors Association of California and the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association. Becker became an NAHB director in 1952 and a life director in 1968. He was made a lifetime member of NAHB’s “Spike Club” in 1971.