Martin L. Bartling, Jr.

Knoxville, Tenn.

NAHB Past Chairmen and Presidents
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AVP, Leadership Operations
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Martin L. Bartling, Jr.
Martin L. Bartling, Jr.

Year Served:
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60s, 1, A

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Martin Bartling, Jr. served as NAHB president in 1960. Bartling was active with the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, serving on its executive, nominating and membership committees. He became its executive vice-president and in recognition of his long-term contributions to the association, Bartling was named a member of the Court of Honor for his HBA. In 1982, Bartling co-founded the Greater Chicagoland Housing Foundation, a non-profit organization that builds innovative research homes. During his presidency at NAHB, Bartling built the association’s first research home, which served as a testing ground for new products and designs.