Alan E. Brockbank

Salt Lake City, Utah

NAHB Past Chairmen and Presidents
Contact: Cyndi McKinley
(202) 266-8346

Alan E. Brockbank
Alan E. Brockbank

Year Served:
Inducted into Hall of Fame:
Hall of Fame Location:
50s, 1, E

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Alan E. Brockbank served as NAHB President in 1952. Brockbank was a home builder based in Salt Lake City. A highlight of his term was convincing the federal government to suspend “Regulation X,” which required unreasonable down payments in order to buy a home. Brockbank was a founding member of the Utah Home Builders Association and a charter member in 1941 of the Home Builders Institute, the predecessor to NAHB. He served as an NAHB director and a regional vice president.