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International Housing Association

IHA Overview

For over 35 years, the International Housing Association (IHA) has provided a unique housing policy and solutions forum, bringing together leaders of the housing sector from countries around the world. IHA’s growing membership spans nations from six continents, including both developed and developing countries. The IHA allows the world’s housing industry leaders to explore and address common issues related to housing and home building.

The work of the IHA reflects globally significant priority areas identified by member countries. The IHA often publishes Statements of Intent on these priorities, and shares information and solutions related to them through its working groups. Current IHA priority areas include: housing affordability, building information technology, energy efficiency, non-conforming and counterfeit products, social housing, and housing global economics.

NAHB serves as the Secretariat of the International Housing Association.

Please visit the IHA website to learn more about what factors affect housing around the world and the benefits of becoming a member.

International Housing Association
Contact: Giuliana Nava-Cord
Senior Director, International Operations
(202) 266-8182