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Home has always been a safety zone for families. But recently, folks have been forced to embrace the let’s-stay-home lifestyle on a whole new level. As such, home owners searched for new ways to have fun and make memories with those they love most. Families not only gained a renewed appreciation for a home-cooked meal and each other, but they also decided their abode needed some upgrades.

Now, more than ever, home owners are looking to enhance their home’s curb appeal or elevate its interior to one of timeless beauty. From bold timber statements across a room or entryway to small gable trusses or elaborate porch systems, the cozy ambiance timber accents bring to a home or back yard is hard to ignore. The DIY movement and HGTV have not only empowered people to take on their projects, but, more important, inspired them to consider the many aesthetic opportunities that wood offers for renovations, new construction or outdoor living.

Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, based in Middleburg, Pa., is not only a leading log and timber frame home manufacturer but also a resource that focuses on these trending design strategies that incorporate wood. With more than 29 years on average industry experience per employee, conventional home owners have tapped into Timberhaven’s expertise to successfully turn ordinary spaces into beautifully crafted interior and exterior sanctuaries by incorporating the company’s timber accents and outdoor timber structures.

Timber Living Reimagined: Why Timberhaven?

  • Quality & Completeness: In addition to Timberhaven’s experience and creativity, Timberhaven only uses premium-grade engineered or traditional solid timbers and beams to handcraft these specialty timber projects. These manufactured products are backed by a written “No-Shop” Guarantee and the finest Lifetime Warranty available.
  • Customization & Flexibility: From design services to package completeness, timber accents and outdoor timber structure packages are completely customizable to meet your specific needs.
  • Precision Pre-Cut Timbers: Timber accents are pre-cut to ensure all components fit together properly which eases the construction/installation process for you or your builder.

For unique projects, beyond the scope of conventional construction practices, look to those with experience and a proven track record of excellence. Timberhaven is committed to that excellence with the years of experience to prove it. These professionals design and produce some of the most expressive works of timber art! In fact, some of these amazing works of art have been showcased in Timberhaven’s new Timber Living Reimagined brochure, which received an honorable mention during the 2021 Building System Councils’ and National Association of Home Builders’ virtual awards presentation.

To receive a copy of this award-winning brochure, give us a call 570-765-7293 or visit us online to download your brochure today.

Although the experience of timber living is unique to every home owner, one thing is for certain: It is an experience like no other, and your possibilities are endless. Timber Living Reimagined is Timberhaven’s way of sharing our expertise, custom design services and premium-grade products with everyday home owners — not just those looking for custom log or timber frame housing.