Get Inspired By Award-Winning Designs

Log Homes News

The beginning of your log or timber home journey may feel daunting at first, especially given the wealth of options in the marketplace. You’ve likely already started to ask yourself a number of different questions to help narrow your selections and hone in on what your dream home will look like. What style are you looking for? How large should it be? What features do you want to include?

One way to start gaining answers to these and other design-related questions you may have is to look at award-winning designs from NAHB’s Offsite Construction Awards. The awards program recognizes leading systems-built construction projects with the Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Home Design, along other aspects of the offsite construction industry.

The Home Design category spans a number of building systems, including log and timber homes. The 2023 winners for the log and timber categories are:

Click on the links above to view images of these impressive homes and learn more about these projects came together to help inspire your log or timber home journey.