Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes, Inc.

Log Homes
Contact: Old Virginia Hand Hewn Log Homes, Inc.
(276) 546-5647
42144 Wilderness Road, US Hwy 58
Pennington Gap, VA

Careful research of early log and timber home building has been combined with the latest technical skills and engineering design. This unique blend of old and new ensures quality and individuality in style and design for the creative person who wants a home that reflects their personality. When there comes a time the simple and ordinary just won’t do, you can select one of our exciting standard floor plans or use our in-house drafting service to produce a custom design. Customers ideas or revisions of standard plans are approximately 90% or our sales.

We invite you to spend the night in our “Rocky Top” log cottage which is nearby and view our home, The Cumberland Gap.

When you visit the manufacturing site, feel free to watch our handcrafters at work, even hew a log if you like. Spending the night in our cozy “Rocky Top” log guest house, inspecting the five other model homes as well as watching our handcrafters at work, should clarify a lot of unanswered questions.

The company is a member of the Log and Timber Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders. Quality is assured by strict adherence to Timber Products Inspection, Inc (TPI) grading standards. TPI has established guidelines for wood properties such as knots, grain and taper. These properties correlate with the allowable loads for structural materials.