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Mountaineer Log & Siding Company is proud of its heritage in the Deep Creek Lake and surrounding areas. Our log and timber home story begins many generations ago with the Frazee family in Western Maryland and West Virginia. This family has cultivated and managed their forest lands for continuous productive and multi-purpose use. The sawmill operations have grown and expanded with the latest in technology – both in forest management practices and in actual wood utilization techniques using nature’s renewable natural resource “WOOD”.

In 1979, specialized machinery was added to the milling operations in Bartow, West Virginia for the production of solid wood tongue-and-groove wall components. By exclusive arrangement, Mountaineer Log & Siding Company designs, markets, and sells the wood products as a complete log and timber home package.

Over 1,500 homes have been produced by Mountaineer Log & Siding Company since the first home was manufactured and built adjacent to the mill operation. Continual improvements ensure the comfort, durability, and economies of log and timber home living.

The company is a member of the Log and Timber Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders. Quality is assured by strict adherence to Timber Products Inspection, Inc (TPI) grading standards. TPI has established guidelines for wood properties such as knots, grain and taper. These properties correlate with the allowable loads for structural materials.