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Amish Handmade — Centuries of Craftsmanship

Meadowlark Log Homes was making dream homes a reality as far back as 1976. We are a proud member of the Log and Timber Homes Council and its log grading program. Every single log in every Meadowlark Log Home is inspected, structurally graded and grade stamped. After it has passed critical structural log grading standards, it is approved for use in the log and timber home. A random, third party inspection is done at our plant several times a year to insure that all grading is performed to required standards. The LHC grade stamped log and timber home is structurally approved for virtually any country in the world.

A certificate of grading inspection and approval is provided to the customer for their new Meadowlark Log Home. Recently we opened our new Meadowlark model log and timber home and office. Our community and log and timber home office is located across from the Libby, Montana airport.

Meadowlark Log Homes began production under the roof of the big steel building using overhead, remotely operated, electric cranes. This greatly increases our efficiency, safety, and production. Meadowlark became a member by invitation to the Better Business Bureau.