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What makes us different? Hearthstone is a company unlike any other. We are dedicated to, and never cease to be amazed by, the timberwright. Somewhere between iron worker and cabinet maker, the fruits of his labor still grace the land and sea — with life spans measured in centuries: bridges, churches, barns, log and timber homes, timber frame homes, taverns, courthouses, inns, hotels, sailing vessels, and — with good fortune and hard work — your legacy to your family for generations to come.

The creation of an extraordinary custom home is a way of life with us. If you have a vision of an extraordinary home of uncommon character, substance and value that will define your family for a century or more, then Hearthstone is the partner you need.

We are blessed with an unmatched ability to create any imaginable style of custom, luxury, hand crafted log or heavy timber home or commercial structure. Nobody in the world has the reputation, capacity and experience — in one company — to deliver and guarantee the diversity, creativity, and quality that we can.

The process of engineering, CAD/CAM modeling, crafting, delivering, erecting, and constructing one of these wondrous buildings is not easy. And the cost of doing it wrong, or shabbily, or cheaply is high. Just the in-house of sourcing, harvesting, and manufacturing of huge and unusual timbers is beyond the capability of most companies. Our unequaled, money-back guarantee says it all about our confidence, and your insurance, that we can do the job right.

We offer three broad product lines of kindred spirit — all featuring highly crafted logs and timbers, and all rooted in the art and trade of the timberwright:

Hand Hewn Log Homes recall the traditional log and timber homes from the 18th and 19th century, featuring hewn-flat logs with dovetailed corners and chinking between the logs.

Timber Frame Homes feature heavy timber framework, pegged and joined like it was centuries ago, creating dramatic interior spaces, allowing any imaginable interior style or exterior finish.

Fullscribe Log Homes evoke images of large mountain lodges with huge round logs, each carved to fit into the other in a Scandinavian style.

Encompassing all other objectives at Hearthstone is our desire to help you conceive and achieve a home that is so much more than a house. it will be an unmatched living environment and a family sanctuary.

Visit our website to introduce you to Hearthstone’s history and values and substantial breadth of choices. Call us. Come and visit us. We’ll show you through our owner’s personal home. To schedule a home tour, and for free literature and a CD-ROM, simply call us and ask to speak to a professional project manager.

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