AI Video Production Guidelines

Contacts: Anne Baker
VP, Communications & Public Affairs
(202) 266-8447

Denise Miller
VP, Event, Product & Brand Marketing
(202) 266-8190

NAHB uses an artificial intelligence (AI) video platform to create videos for a variety of audiences, including members, prospective members and HBAs. The AI platform uses real actors to create a series of avatars who can read any script that we submit, with a fully customized look and feel for each video. These AI videos are best suited for short messages with a casual feel, ideally for topics such an issue update or a quick how-to guide.

The Communications and Marketing teams share responsibility for working with staff to create the AI videos, based on the video content. In general:

  • Communications will create videos for industry news updates, advocacy issue updates and grassroots call-to-action.
  • Marketing will create videos for more direct marketing outreach to members and potential members.

Please review these production guidelines before submitting your request for an AI video. If you’d like to discuss your project or idea, please contact Anne Baker (Communications requests) or Denise Miller (Marketing requests).


The first step in creating an AI video is to develop a script that the avatar will read throughout the video. To expedite your request, please submit a draft script, bullet points, or any existing content that can be used for a script. Please also indicate any images or existing video that you would like to be shown on the screen to complement the script.


The script can be automatically translated into more than 60 languages for videos intended to reach diverse audiences.


The video length will depend on the content, but in general, 30-60 seconds is the ideal length. Videos that are more educational in nature could be two to three minutes in length; however, we do not recommend these AI videos to be more than three minutes. Recommended word count for the script based on length:

  • 30-second video: 75-80 words
  • 60-second video: 150-170 words
  • 2–3-minute video: 300-400 words

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your video should end with an action that you want the viewer to take, e.g., visit website for more info, register for class/meeting, etc. Please include the CTA as part of the script information.


How will you be sharing the video with your target audience? The video can be posted on NAHB’s digital platforms (, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to allow both NAHB and HBAs to display the video. If you would like to share your video via a MagnetMail message, the video will need to be posted on and the email message will include a screenshot that links to the video.

Please note that the AI videos cannot be part of any paid promotion or boosting on social media.

Production Time

In general, NAHB staff should submit their request for an AI video at least two weeks in advance of your desired due date. After you submit your request, a staff member will follow up with you directly to discuss the details of your request and any time considerations.