Beyond Warranty

Contact: Marcus Williams
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

Building Your Referral Business

Download these forms as Microsoft® Word documents if you want to customize them, or as PDF files if you want to use them to build your referral business (not all files are available in both formats). These forms are a companion to the e-book Beyond Warranty: Building Your Referral Business, which is available at Be sure to read the book so that you can understand how and when to use each form, as well as important issues such as home owner expectations, warranty standards and guidelines, denials, notice and right to repair, and the competitive edge of providing great service.

Chapter 1

1.1 Home Owner Guide: How Do You Get Customers to Read It? Word

1.2 Meeting Matrix Word | PDF

1.3 Home Owner Guide Entry: Model for Information About Planned Meetings Word

1.4 Buyer Inquiry Word | PDF

1.5 Site Tour Word

Chapter 2

2.1 One-Year Limited Agreement Word

2.2 Major Structural Coverage Word

2.3 Limited Warranty Sales Agreement Clause Word

2.4 Warranty Quiz Word

Chapter 3

3.1 Items Omitted from Guidelines Word

3.2 Manufacturers’ Literature Word

3.3 Contents Page for Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines Word

3.4 Air Conditioning Word

3.5 Sample Checklist for Extended Absences Word

3.6 Alarm System Word

3.7 Warranty on Drywall Word

3.8 Flyer to Generate Interest in Warranty at the Sales Office Word

3.9 Caring for Your Home Word

3.10 Warranty Coverage Decisions Word

3.12 Wood Flooring Word

Chapter 4

4.1 Welcome to Warranty Letter Word

4.3 Warranty Service Request Form Word

4.4 Year-End Warranty Letter Word

4.5 Builder-Initiated Warranty Visit Agenda Word | PDF

4.6 Warranty Clipboard Word | PDF

4.7 Welcome to Warranty Confirmation of Builder-Initiated Visit Word

4.8 Home Owner Guide Entry: Builder-Initiated Warranty Visits Word

4.9 Warranty Magnet Word

4.10 Proactive End of Warranty Letter Word

4.11 Phone Log Word | PDF

Chapter 5

5.1 Information Sources for Inspections Word

5.2 Community Binder Contents Word

5.3 Warranty Inspection Word | PDF

5.5 Role Play Assignments Word

Chapter 6

6.2 Home Owner Guide Entry: Warranty Procedures Word

6.3 Home Owner Guide Entry: Warranty Repair Appointment Word

Chapter 7

7.1 Special Handling Analysis Word

7.2 Roof Leak Follow-up Word PDF

7.3 Wet Basement Inspection Word PDF

7.4 Material Defect Word

7.5 Window Survey Word PDF

7.6 Structural Inspection Word PDF

7.7 Severe Weather Word

7.9 Tracking Multiple-Trade Repairs Manually Word PDF

7.10 Turnover of Common Area Word

7.11 Consumer Protection Entity Word

7.12 Disagreement with Neighbor Word

Chapter 8

8.2 Work Order Log Word | PDF

8.3 Work on Hold Word

8.4 Check in Lieu of Repair Word

8.5 Method of Repair Word

Chapter 9

9.1 Denial of Service: Maintenance Items Word

9.2 Denial of Service: Home Owner Damage Word

9.3 Denial of Service: Home Owner Changes to Grading Word

9.4 Denial of Service: Warranty Coverage Has Expired Word

9.5 Denial of Service: Items Outside the Scope of the Warranty Word

9.6 Denial of Service: Items Within Builder’s Promised Standards Word

9.7 Referral of Home Owner to Warranty Insurance Policy Word

9.8 Referral of a Claim to Builder’s Attorney Word

9.9 Incident Report Word | PDF

Chapter 10

10.1 Job Description: Trade Contractor Liaison Word

10.2 Warranty Service Orientation Agenda Word | PDF

10.3 Service Plan Word | PDF

Chapter 11

11.4 Postponed Winter Work Word | PDF

Chapter 12

12.1 Warranty Office Routine Word

12.2 Warranty Staff Meeting Agenda Word

Chapter 13

13.1 After Move-in Service Matrix Word | PDF

13.2 Maintenance Menu Ideas Word | PDF

13.3 Seasonal Maintenance Suggestions for Newsletters or Email Reminders Word

Chapter 14

14.1 Job Description: Chief Service Officer Word

14.2 Universal Service Guidelines Word

14.3 Job Description: Warranty Manager Word

14.4 Job Description: Warranty Service Technician Word

14.5 Job Description: Warranty Service Administrator Word

14.6 Procedure Review Word | PDF

14.7 Product Profile Word | PDF

14.8 Component Review Word | PDF