International Housing Association Continues Focus on Access to Housing Finance

International Housing Association
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Elizabeth Thompson
AVP, Media Relations
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The International Housing Association (IHA) is continuing to focus on ways potential home owners across the world can access housing finance to achieve homeownership. Through “Housing Affordability: A World Challenge,” a report recently released by IHA, the group aims to highlight housing affordability as a top priority for the global housing industry and determine different paths to address this issue.

“The IHA is committed to making certain that the global community remains focused on housing affordability,” said Kristin Brookfield, IHA chair and chief executive for industry policy at Housing Industry Association-Australia. “This document shares high-level insights regarding both the challenges and solutions to housing affordability, and we hope it serves as a valuable resource to communities worldwide.”

Topics in the report include: the benefits of homeownership, key considerations affecting housing affordability, common challenges impacting housing affordability and potential solutions to address housing affordability.

While the report acknowledges the work undertaken by Build Europe in their document, Housing: The European Challenge, the IHA is cognizant of the contributions made by the various other countries represented by leaders of the housing sector from six continents, including both developed and developing countries.

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