NAHB Selects SGC Horizon as its Official Media Partner

New collaboration will provide greater benefits to residential construction industry professionals while offering the most comprehensive market reach and content across all media platforms

Contacts: Elizabeth Thompson
AVP, Media Relations
(202) 266-8495

Stephanie Pagan
Director, Media Relations
(202) 266-8254

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and SGC Horizon today jointly announced that SGC Horizon has become the official media partner of NAHB effective as of January 1, 2021.

This new partnership agreement spans the broad range of SGC’s family of residential construction-related media products, providing an amplified voice for NAHB’s work and expansion for SGC Horizon’s programs. It is designed to strengthen not just NAHB and SGC Horizon, but the association’s 140,000 members and the 285,000 audience of Pro Builder and other brands under the SGC Horizon umbrella.

The partnership takes advantage of the rich resources of both organizations. It ensures an extended reach for NAHB’s important advocacy issues, including housing affordability, workforce development, housing finance reform and much more, and focuses on measurable, multilateral digital, in-person and print content provided by SGC Horizon.

“Our partnership with SGC Horizon and its family of excellent brands connects us to a larger network of building professionals facing common challenges, enabling us to better share insights about leading-edge business and building solutions,” said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke, a custom home builder from Tampa, Fla. “It also extends the reach of our staff of experts, including top economists, tax specialists, attorneys and financial, regulatory and technical experts who specialize in understanding and addressing the effect of government rules and regulations on the housing industry.”

Tony Mancini, Group Director-Principal, SGC Horizon, added, “The partnership between NAHB and SGC Horizon, which builds upon an already strong relationship, creates a new collaborative premise, a ‘go-to’ platform for the industry, including building professionals, sponsors and advertisers, as well as technical and regulatory experts. Our common goal of supporting the residential construction market makes this a powerful and natural partnership.”

This new agreement embraces the expansive range of SGC Horizon’s award-winning family of residential construction-related media products and sets the stage for deeper, more effective collaboration going forward. Shared resources, as well as deep industry experience, will be the hallmark of the partnership. This operational premise delivers the broadest reach and strongest audiences in support of full market coverage across all building and remodeling segments.

From access to SGC Horizon’s editorial team to coordinated venues for showcasing long-standing industry icon events (such as Pro Builder’s Show Village at the virtual 2021 NAHB IBSx show), the SGC Horizon-NAHB partnership will drive a new and compelling value-proposition for stakeholders across the industry.

By combining SGC Horizon’s award-winning content and NAHB’s member information and data, the two companies will now be the premiere content provider and have the largest reach in the residential market.