Macro Economic Outlook


August 2023: Moderate Growth Ahead

NAHB Principal Economist Na Zhao examines which key factors are driving inflation, and how the home building industry will be affected.

July 2023: Cooling for Inflation and Job Markets

NAHB Economist Fan-Yu Kuo explains why the economic outlook calls for soft growth in the quarters ahead.

June 2023: How Much Will GDP Grow in 2023?

NAHB Principal Economist Na Zhao explains how the economy will react to slowing inflation and rising unemployment.

May 2023: How Long Will Economic Volatility Continue?

NAHB Economist Fan-Yu Kuo examines the primary factors that slowed economic growth in the first quarter of 2023 and what can be expected for the remainder of the year.

April 2023: Housing Market Volatility to Continue

NAHB Principal Economist Na Zhao illustrates why NAHB is forecasting a rolling recession in the months ahead, and how it will impact employment and GDP growth.

Housing and Interest Rate Forecast Industry data for 2018 to 2024.