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Contact: William “Rusty” Deiss
VP, Member Engagement & Learning
(202) 266-8231

NAHB Connect is an online community exclusively for NAHB members. It’s a place where members can engage with each other, have peer-to-peer discussions, seek or provide advice about the industry, learn, share and so much more.

Testimonial by David Bernadino from Ammunition, Atlanta, GA

5 Reasons to Join NAHB Connect Today

#1 Peer-to-Peer Member Connection

Meet like-minded individuals who may be struggling with the same industry challenges as you are. Find industry resources. Grow professionally. NAHB Connect is a space to connect online for a-ha moments, asking questions, providing advice, NAHB and industry events and more.

#2 Customized Engagement

NAHB Connect is an online member community that focuses on industry relevant content and discussions. Rather than sifting through tons of noise on a public social media channel, NAHB Connect is a targeted community that gives you exactly what you need need, when they need it.

Testimonial of Allan Edwards, Builder from Houston, Texas

#3 Access More Industry Data & Industry Trends

Community conversations provide more insight into trends and the issues the entire industry faces. You get to listen into and participate in tons of conversations, observe the topics of discussion, hear concerns and feedback and discover solutions.

#4 Find Relevant Events

While the primary focus of NAHB Connect is peer-to-peer discussions, the platform also includes a calendar of virtual and in-person events, education sessions and more. Some events are member-only events, but some are industry events that may be important for you to have on your calendar.

#5 Resources

Find the resources you need to run your business — specifically in the residential construction industry. Discover resources you can download to use later or modify to fit your specific business needs.

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