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Contact: Michael Sutton
Senior Manager, Business Development
(202) 266-8690

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NAHB Studios is the award-winning team of video production experts with the creative insight and vision to bring your project to life.

As a boutique production house located in the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C., NAHB Studios is large enough to take on major productions, yet small enough to give you and your projects true individual attention. Work with NAHB Studios in-house, or they can come to you.

NAHB Studios understands your needs and budgets. Our team of writers, directors, producers and editors, provide services ranging from pre- to post-production, including ads, content marketing videos, conference and trade show events like opening ceremonies and awards galas to highly rated, award-winning cable network programs.

Video Production

Video is king when it comes to content marketing. Whether marketing and promoting your HBA, business or product, NAHB Studios will collaborate with you to tell your story across all mediums — online, television, and radio. Our work includes:

  • Corporate brand marketing
  • Product marketing and promotion
  • Education and training
  • Issues interstitials and promotion
  • Testimonials
  • Documentaries
  • Drone videography

Production Studio

The 19-by-20-foot studio with 90-degree green screen cyc wall is a convenient, one-stop shop to record your corporate messaging or conduct interviews. With professional crew, equipment and teleprompter, NAHB Studios handles all facets of production.

Live Events

NAHB Studios produces myriad live events, from opening ceremonies to conferences to award shows. Its turnkey convention TV program creates a perfect vehicle for onsite marketing, promotion, product demonstrations and sponsorships. Live event services include:

  • Set design
  • Video and audio asset production
  • Onsite production and management
  • Pre-event marketing videos