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Nominations Committee

Committee Overview

The Nominations Committee has oversight over the election of all of the elective offices of the Board of Directors, including the Senior Officers.

The Nominations Committee administers comprehensive campaign guidelines relating to the office of NAHB Third Vice Chairman. The guidelines are updated on an annual basis and available on nahb.org. Through its certification process, the committee reviews the qualifications and background of those seeking certification as a candidate for Third Vice Chairman. At each regular Annual Meeting of the Leadership Council, the Nominations Committee submits the proposed procedural rules for the conduct of the elections for adoption by delegates, and the names of all candidates for the elective offices provided by the bylaws are placed before the meeting for election.

The Credentials Committee is a subcommittee of the Nominations Committee. The Credentials Committee oversees the election of Third Vice Chairman and ensures that the election is conducted in a proper and orderly fashion. Its members validate delegate credentials, scan badges for attendance recordkeeping, distribute and collect ballots, monitor access to the NAHB Leadership Council floor, and certify the votes.

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Nominations Committee
Contact: Diane Djordjevic
VP, Deputy General Counsel
(202) 266-8171