Member Savings Ads and Vendor Specific Ads

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Contact: Andrew Flank
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For use in communicating these programs to members and meeting HBA Revenue Share Requirements

These materials were designed and provided by participating companies for communication purposes. They can be a great recruitment and retention tool to inform your members about these great member discounts.

The Member Savings program provides a full set of generic ads in a variety of sizes.

These companies have also provided ads:

These images are perfect for your association newsletters, flyers and other printed communication pieces. These ads are provided as high-resolution PDFs.

Intellectual Property Warning: The materials posted below have been provided and/or approved by each company. Please do not alter these images in any way. Images may only be adjusted up to 10% for formatting purposes. Anything more alters the files and can affect the logos and intellectual property of those companies. For example, do not shrink a full-page ad to a quarter page. Also, do not crop out any part of the image or insert an additional company into these materials.

If you reached this page through the HBA Resources section, we invite you to also visit the Member Savings Toolkit at


Member Savings Generic Ads

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Banner Options: 172 x 117 pixels

Banner Options: 580 x 72 pixels

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American Express

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GM $500/$1000 Offer

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Member Deals

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Office Depot

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UPS/Freight Shipping Programs

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