Taking Induction to the Next Level: Introducing the Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range

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By Bob Eustice
Head of Builder Operations, BSH Home Appliances

With school back in session and fall schedules in full swing, clients will need a cooktop and convection oven that can do it all. The all-new Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range from Thermador can handle long-simmer stews, quick reheats before soccer practice and everything in between.

Pro Harmony® Liberty® Induction Range from Thermador

Featuring state-of-the-art mobility technology and full connectivity to the rest of the kitchen with Home Connect®, this new range has everything clients are looking for and more:

  1. More space and flexibility: Extra-large flexible cooking zones on the cooktop offer versatility and accommodate multiple pots and pans, as well as teppanyaki grills up to 16” long. The range’s oven boasts a 4.9 cubic feet capacity on the 36-inch model and 4.4 cubic feet capacity on the 30-inch model, making large meals effortless.
  2. That “just right” temperature, locked in: With HeatShift® and MoveMode®, clients can go from sauté to simmer without having to adjust any controls by shifting the pot or pan across the cooktop, or keep their heat settings consistent even as the pan moves. And if they’re perfecting a tricky recipe that requires a precise temperature at all times, CookSmart® ensures consistent results with five heating presets.
  3. Time-saving heat settings: For a quick boil or rapid-fire heat, clients can increase their cooktop heating element’s power by up to 50% with PowerBoost®.
  4. Oven racks that do the heavy lifting, literally: The range’s telescopic oven racks expand completely and can support the heaviest dishes. The 30-inch model includes one telescopic rack (in addition to two standard racks), and the 36-inch model includes three.
  5. A sleek design that fits in every kitchen: Built with a side-to-side frameless black glass design, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen — plus, its smooth surfaces makes cleaning a breeze!

Explore even more incredible settings and learn how your clients can get the most out of their cooktop and oven setup at https://www.thermador.com/us/products/induction/ranges.

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