How 20 Clubs Are Different

20 Clubs
Contact: Dona Mistichelli
(202) 266-8281

Membership in a 20 club connects builders and remodelers with others in the industry who understand their business concerns. And their 20 club membership entails much more than just two meetings a year. By sharing the most important goals and objectives of their company, members build not only meaningful support networks, but lifelong friendships as well.

With an ongoing camaraderie, the exchange of ideas extends beyond the scheduled meetings. Members continue sharing business advice with each other by phone, mail and email. Surrounded by business professionals, 20 club members develop the business plans, strategic plans and marketing plans that position their companies for success. Just like a house needs a firm foundation, every business and business leader needs access to education, latest industry information and strategic opportunities. NAHB and the 20 club program provide builders and remodelers with this opportunity.

20 clubs are the only industry related program structured for CEOs to meet with other building CEOs. Presidents, owners and partners in home building and remodeling firms are the members of the 20 club program. CEOs are grouped with other CEOs whose companies are similar in size and have similar operations.

Since all 20 club members sign confidentiality agreements and are from different markets, members are free to discuss their pressing business issues. This allows members unique opportunities to realize their company’s potential and surpass their competition.

Statistics indicate that 20 club members perform better than non‐members in operational systems and long term success. 20 Club members are regarded as leaders in their markets and many are recipients of prestigious industry awards.