National Remodeling Hall of Fame Members


Whether you are just starting out in the remodeling industry or a seasoned veteran, there are names that are heard time and time again as the source of inspiration and leadership through the history of the remodeling industry. With each induction into the National Remodeling Hall of Fame, the bar is raised. The following are the inductees to the National Remodeling Hall of Fame from 2001 to the present.

Class of 2021

George “Geep” Moore, CR, CAPS, CGR, GMB, CGP, GMR

George “Geep” Moore, a remodeler and owner of Moore-Built Construction & Restoration Inc. in Elm Grove, La., has been an NAHB member since 1987 and NAHB Remodelers member since 2003. He has served in many leadership roles at the local, state and national levels, including: Northwest Louisiana Home Builders Association (president, Board of Directors member, life director and chair of the remodelers council); Louisiana Home Builders Association (president, vice president, Board of Directors member, life director and chair of the remodelers council); and NAHB (State Representatives moderator, NAHB Leading Suppliers Council chair, NAHB Environmental Issues Committee chair and NAHB Remodelers chair in 2012). For his service, Moore has been recognized with many awards. A third-generation building-remodeling contractor, Moore’s 50 years of industry experience includes new home construction, additions, remodeling projects, property damage repairs and small commercial construction projects. In conjunction with the property damage repair work, Moore developed a structural drying business and negotiated more than 2,000 insurance claims between the insured and insurance companies. He also became quite familiar with mold remediation and protocols. Since 1992, he has provided forensic construction consulting for construction problems and defects. He has served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in construction litigation of new homes, remodeling, preexisting homes and commercial work. Moore was also instrumental in getting the Home Improvement Contractor Registration bill passed by the Louisiana State Legislature in 2003.

Class of 2020

Mike Nagel

Mike Nagel of Chicago has been a member of NAHB and NAHB Remodelers for over 40 years, starting in New Jersey and eventually returning to Chicago. Over the past more than 40 years, Nagel has given himself tirelessly to every level of the NAHB Federation. He has served as president at both the local and state levels, as well as president of the Remodelers Council. Leadership is a significant part of his life. Nagel was one of the founders of Professional Remodeler magazine. He also served as a trustee of the NAHB Commercial Builders Council, chairman of the NAHB Design committee, chairman of the Joint Council Chairs, director of NAHB Senior Life, Build-PAC trustee for 12 years, two-time chairman of his local Remodelers Council, among many other positions. Nagel has also been a dedicated member of his community, serving as a youth counselor, assistant boy scout leader, baseball coach, serving as a confirmation leader for eighth grade boys and has gone on two mission trips — one to North Carolina and one to Rhode Island — with eight other adults leading 60 high school youth.

Bob Peterson, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMR

Bob Peterson of Fort Collins, Colo., has left a mark on the remodeling industry during a career that has spanned several decades as a business owner and NAHB member. He has dedicated his time to the industry, serving on NAHB committees and groups, as well as educating local members and associates who want to learn more about industry best practices. Peterson spends his time teaching courses, mentoring other home builders and remodelers across the nation about why NAHB membership and engagement is a critical component to success. Leadership is a distinct quality of Peterson who has served on NAHB’s Executive Committee, is a past chairman of the NAHB Remodelers Board of Trustees, has chaired all NAHB Remodelers subcommittees, and has held nearly every HBA and Remodelers leadership position on state and local levels, as well as on the national committee level. Community service also plays a significant part of his life, having raised well over $100,000 for various charity projects. Peterson is also certified to teach eight NAHB courses and has chaired the NAHB Education Committee and the IBS Education Selection Committee. Peterson’s 40-plus years of building and remodeling experience, and his deep passion for the industry, have lent him the ability to share the lessons he’s learned — about his successes as well as failures — to help other construction professionals across the country achieve success.

Class of 2019

Dan Bawden, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMB

Dan Bawden of Houston, TX., served as president of the Greater Houston Remodelers Council where he began the process to exponentially to grow the council, which now stands at 387 members. Dan became the first Remodeler to serve as President of the Greater Houston Builders Association. In addition, he has won “Texas Remodeler of the Year” four times, and “Houston Remodeler of the Year” twice, the only remodeler to ever do so. Bawden is one of the original creators of the NAHB Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) designation. Dan was honored as the first NAHB “CAPS Instructor of the Year” award in 2016. Nationally, he serves as one of the top-rated NAHB Instructors, teaching CAPS, Contracts, and Law for Builders and Universal Design. He served as NAHB Remodelers chairman in 2017 and currently holds a “Life Delegate” slot on the Leadership Council.

Robert Criner, CAPS, CGB, CGP, CGR, GMB, GMR

Robert Criner of Newport News, Va., has been an NAHB member and NAHB Remodelers member since 1982. Criner became the nation’s first Certified Graduate Remodeler in 1989 and the first Graduate Master Remodeler in 2008. He has represented the industry before the EPA, DOJ, SBA and OMB over the Formaldehyde Rule and what it would mean to remodelers. He has worked closely with NAHB Leadership and legislatures alike, specifically bringing the personal story of a remodeler to the forefront of a national EPA law. He is a leader in NAHB education, having taught over 100 classes nationally. Locally, he served has President of his local Remodelers Council four times and represents York County on the Board of Zoning Appeals, the York County Planning Commission and the York County Board of Building Code Appeals. He serves on the Peninsula Habitat for Humanity Advisory Board. This inductee has received dozens of awards over the years both as an individual and with his company. Nationally, he has served in several leadership roles including as a National Director on the Leadership Council from 2011-2018, as well as the NAHB Remodelers Council Board of Trustees in almost every position including Chairman in 2015. In addition, he has served on the NAHB Business Management and Information Technology committee, the NAHB Environmental Issues committee, the NAHB Joint Council, Sales and Marketing Council and the NAHB Membership & Communications Committee. Criner was named NAHB Remodeler of the Year in 2012.

Class of 2018

Paul Sullivan, CAPS, CGP, CGR

Paul Sullivan, of Newton, Ma., has been an NAHB member since 1992 and NAHB Remodelers member since 1993. Sullivan has served as a leader throughout his tenure with NAHB at all levels of the Federation, including as a Life Director. In 2013, as part of the NAHB Green Building Standard’s Consensus Committee, Sullivan championed the creation of the remodeling specific section of the National Green Building Standard. Additionally, Sullivan was instrumental in adding a remodeled home, separate from The New American Home, at IBS each year to represent the interests of the nearly 50,000 NAHB members who remodel. In 2017, the first New American Remodel was produced in Orlando, Fla.

Class of 2012

N. Claiborne Porter, AIA, CGR, CGP

Porter of Anchorage, Alaska is the longest continuously serving home builder member in the state of Alaska, an NAHB Senior Life Director and was named Alaska’s Builder of the Year four times. A founding member of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Porter served as chairman of the board for 10 years, encouraging research and development for innovative construction techniques for the Alaskan home. Porter is politically active in support of housing issues and teaches construction industry classes to the next generation of housing professionals at the University of Alaska.

Douglas Sutton, CGR, CAPS


An NAHB member since 1976, Sutton of Springfield, Ill., served as NAHB Remodelers chairman twice, is an NAHB Life Director and has represented remodelers on various NAHB committees. Politically active in support of housing issues, Sutton also champions fundraising efforts for the scholarship fund that helps local remodeler leaders get involved at the national level with NAHB Remodelers. He has played a major role in developing the outstanding reputation of remodelers throughout the federation and he has been responsible for NAHB Remodelers recognition as an important element in the structure of the 21st century edition of NAHB.

Class of 2010

Steven B. Maltzman

Maltzman provided expert business and financial guidance to remodelers for many years as a trainer, coach and business advisor. He founded his own business, SMA Consulting, in 1987 and worked in the construction industry for more than 25 years as an accountant. Maltzman served on many NAHB committees, including remodelers, business management, information systems and education. He shared his expertise with the industry with his Remodelers Cost of Doing Business reports in 1990, 1993 and 1996, and during his tenure as the chief accountant for the NAHB Remodeler 20 Clubs. He also led seminars at the International Builders’ Show and Remodeling Show for many years with standing-room-only education sessions.

Class of 2008

Alan Hanbury, Jr., CGR, CAPS, CGP

Alan Hanbury received his first tool belt at the tender age of five and so began a more than 30-year career in remodeling. A few years after forming a family remodeling business, he found himself actively involved with his local HBA. In 1989, he helped it establish a local remodelers council and quickly rose to national leadership with NAHB Remodelers. First serving on NAHB Remodelers committees, he led as national Chairman in 2001. NAHB also benefited from his leadership as chairman of the 2003 NAHB Education Committee. Hanbury continues to dedicate his time, experience and energy toward strengthening NAHB Remodelers and its membership. He has been recognized by others for his professionalism, quality of work and dedication to the industry. Perhaps his greatest contribution has been the more than 3,000 remodelers he has touched with his business acumen. He has written business management columns for Remodeling magazine for many years. But above all, he has traveled nationwide to speak at conventions, seminars, local HBAs, and even as part of the Remodelers Road Show to teach the fine points of financial management so that remodelers can maximize profits and sustain a successful, professional business. Because of his educational passion, “overhead” and “markup” have become common words for all remodelers. He helped bring fiscal management to the forefront of the remodeling industry.

Mark Richardson of Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Mark Richardson began his career in architecture and construction. At the young age of 21 he designed and built his first home. Just a couple years later he joined Case Design / Remodeling, Inc. as a project designer, becoming the top salesman in a year and bringing in double the sales of his peers. Such excellence was appreciated, and Richardson has risen through the ranks to lead the largest full-service remodeling company in the nation. His contributions include adding a franchise to this business and diversifying into new and lucrative areas. However, he hasn’t stopped there. He also writes a column for Remodeling magazine and speaks frequently on remodeling issues and business practices. He also has flourished as a national spokesperson for the remodeling industry in such outlets as the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Better Homes & Gardens, and HGTV. Richardson has cultivated a thriving business through professionalism and by promoting excellence and education to all his staff. His company employees hold many designations and he continues to push for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. He hasn’t stopped with his regional employees, but has expanded this emphasis on education to franchise employees and everyone who touches the business.

Class of 2007

Bill Asdal

A local and national member for 27 years, Asdal is not only a pillar of his community, but of the entire remodeling industry. He has served in various leadership positions, in addition to the responsibilities of his own business. He is also a dedicated promoter of professional remodelers, such that he conceived and helped create an important publication to this end, called Professional Remodeler. He has written and published materials expertly advising remodelers on successfully managing their businesses. Earning his CGR designation in 1992, Asdal has supported education and training, even becoming a course teacher himself. But perhaps most impressively, he was instrumental in creating the National Rehabilitation Code (NAARP). One of his projects served as a test site for the code and his invaluable input helped shape this code and prove its usefulness to remodelers. Additionally, he has been on the cutting edge of energy issues, demonstrating that older homes (especially historical properties) can be remodeled to conserve energy.

Robert Hanbury, CGR

An NAHB member since 1979, Bob Hanbury has actively supported his local council and served in leadership roles. He is admired for his advice and years of experience. Well connected in his community and beyond, he also founded an NAHB Remodeler 20 Club. His diplomacy and ability to understand and speak persuasively on sensitive industry issues are unique skills. He also uses these skills as a moderator and commentator for a local, consumer-focused radio show. Additionally, this inductee devotes time to nurturing the next generation of leadership by sharing this experience and wisdom to help guide younger remodelers. Hanbury may best be known as an expert and advocate on the issue of lead paint regulation. He began tracking this issue in the early 1990s, encouraging NAHB leadership to pay attention to this increasingly important concern. Additionally, he has served on his state’s public safety code committee and was appointed to the International Code Committee. Hanbury mediated between the remodeling industry and government agencies, such as HUD and the EPA, earning accolades from fellow remodelers and respect from government officials.

Class of 2006

Gopal Ahluwalia

One cannot stress enough the importance of Ahluwalia’s contribution to the remodeling industry. Until 1995, he was the only economist conducting remodeling industry research beyond the number-counting by the federal government. His research paved the way for other researchers to contribute knowledge about remodeling. At one time, Ahluwalia was the only source of this information. Ahluwalia’s work allows future researchers to continue his groundbreaking studies and analysis. Ahluwalia created research from scratch, and his trials and errors built the foundation for others. His influence may touch every major remodeling economic study for generations. Besides giving the public a better understanding of remodelers, companies that sell products to builders now comprehend the impact of remodeling in their businesses. Before Ahluwalia’s work, these companies could not understand how remodelers affect their bottom line due to the fragmentation of the industry. Now, businesses know how to access and cater to remodelers. Most importantly, he created tools for remodelers to effectively run their businesses. His studies, such as the Remodelers Cost of Doing Business survey have become guidelines for remodelers around the country on how to manage a successful business. The Remodeling Market Index provides regional and national gages on the state of the industry so companies can plan accordingly. In addition, his advocacy of the remodeling industry has strengthened the remodelers’ position within NAHB and the entire building industry.

Kermit Baker

Until the foundation of the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard University in 1995, NAHB was the only provider of major research on remodeling. By leading the Remodeling Futures Program, Dr. Baker brings the weight of a major research institution to bear upon a topic pioneered only by research from Gopal Ahluwalia of NAHB. Dr. Baker developed the Remodeling Activity Index (RAI), the first activity report on a timely basis that accurately estimates spending levels and turning points within the industry. Some of his groundbreaking research includes finding out why home owners remodel, which home owners remodel and who does the work; how remodeling contributed to the rise in the quality of the U.S. housing stock; demographic and regional drivers of remodeling; and much more. Dr. Baker brings a new, scholarly approach to understanding the remodeling industry. By pioneering research at a major university, he sets the stage for other academic and research institutions to conduct research on the remodeling industry, priming a growth in knowledge and understanding never seen nor anticipated. Dr. Baker and Ahluwalia frequently collaborate, sharing their forecasts and analysis to provide even more accurate and detailed information to others, which helps NAHB provide to its members accurate forecasts on remodeling. It is no coincidence that Dr. Baker is considered one of the top economic experts in remodeling.

Class of 2005

MM (Mike) Weiss, CGR, CGB, GMB, CAPS

The 2005 National Remodeling Hall of Fame inductee, Mike Weiss, took what was a haphazard approach to education and developed it into a process that will leave a lasting impression on all the housing industry. A former chairman of NAHB Remodelers, Weiss changed the Certified Graduate Remodelor (CGR) designation program into one of the leading education programs in the industry. He came up with the idea of a process for evaluating remodelers’ skills to tailor the courses to their strengths and weaknesses, creating the Professional Remodeler Experience Profile (PREP). He then created the Academic Review Board to review and update all CGR courses offered. Following the lead of the CGR program, other NAHB education programs developed a similar evaluation that is still in use today. Locally, he has served as director of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis, there named Builder of the Year and president of the Remodelors Council. He served as a director of the Indiana Builders Association and was named Remodeler of the Year. Nationally, Weiss is a NAHB life director and served on NAHB’s Public Affairs and Education Committee, Executive Board, is a trustee of the Home Builders Institute and was trustee and past chairman of the NAHB Remodelers.

Class of 2004

David Engle

The 2004 National Remodeling Hall of Fame inductee, has spent his life working tirelessly in the federal government to move the industry forward; through his leadership and commitment he has broken down barriers that once stood before the industry; and through his dedication he has reached out to remodelers and community officials and helped both sides to understand each other so they can work together to better their surrounding environments. In his work as the director of Affordable Housing Research and Technology, Engle is responsible for all departmental research on building technology, regulatory barriers to affordable housing including building code and zoning issues, as well as research on environmental issues impacting housing and community development. Over the past 20 years, he has sponsored more than $10 million in research addressing issues of the remodeling industry. This has been particularly valuable as this research was planned and developed collaboratively with a variety of key players in the remodeling industry.

Class of 2003

Ed McGowan, CGR

The 2003 National Remodeling Hall of Fame inductee has a long history of service to the home building industry at the local, state and national levels. As an NAHB Senior Life Director and Former Area II Vice President, McGowan played an important role in the development of the Certified Graduate Remodeler professional designation program, and in the publication of “Quality Standards for the Professional Remodeler.” He is also a past chair of the Board of Trustees of NAHB Remodelers. McGowan was inducted into the New York State Builders Association Hall of Fame in 2000. Additional honors include the 1993 Remodelor of the Year award, the 1993 Broome County Small Business Person of the Year award and the 1986 Distinguished Service Award from the New York State Director of Housing. In 1989, McGowan was named to the prestigious remodeling “Big 50.” His company’s work has been featured in The New York Times and numerous industry publications.

Class of 2002

Frederic F. Case, CR

Fred Case is a visionary in the remodeling and building industry. Many industry leaders have credited him as the pioneer of the design/build process — combining the design/planning stage, handled by an architect/designer, and the construction phase, handled by a general contractor. He started his own remodeling business in the basement of his home way back in 1961, and has developed Case Design Remodeling into the most established, experienced and largest design/build, kitchen and bath, and handyman firms in the Washington, D.C. area and one of the largest remodeling firms in the country. He has served on the board of directors of the National Remodeling Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and chairman of NARI’s education and certification programs. Case was instrumental in creating NARI’s Certified Remodeler (CR) accreditation.

Ken Klein, CGR

For 30 years, Klein has fulfilled the role of dean of the remodeling industry. He has spearheaded remodeler education and designation programs, and through his active involvement at the local and national level he has ensured that reputable contractors support each other through effective organization. Among his many awards, Klein has been recognized as the 1992 Remodeler of the Year and the 2002 Foundation Award winner. He has served many leadership roles at NAHB, from Chairman of NAHB Remodelers to NAHB Life National Director. Klein has also chaired the NAHB Education Committee, the Public Affairs Committee, the Smart Growth Working Group, and the Board of Trustees of the Home Builders Institute. He also served a term as NAHB’s National Vice President from 1999 to 2000. Throughout his years of national service, Klein has never stopped enriching his community through his ongoing active involvement.

Tom Swartz, CGR

Throughout his career, Tom Swartz, CGR, has gone to great lengths to further the cause of remodelers. As a nationally recognized speaker in the remodeling industry, Swartz has preached awareness of remodeling professionalism. In his position as the 1993 NAHB Remodelers Chairman and co-chair of the National Council of the Housing Industry (NCHI) in 1996, he was instrumental in developing closer supplier-remodeler relationships. Swartz has been actively involved in the industry for over 25 years, from being the youngest president of the Metro-Decatur HBA to recently serving on the NAHB executive committee. As the third-generation owner of J.J. Swartz Co., a company that was founded in 1921, Swartz won the National Remodeling Quality Award (NRQA) in 1996 and the Foundation Award in 2000. He was the Remodelor of the Year in 1996 and was named as one of Remodeling Magazine’s “Top 50 Remodelers.”

Class of 2001

Jud Motsenbocker

An active association member for 33 years, Motsenbocker has been described by colleagues as “an extraordinary gift, on all levels, to the fraternity of home builders and remodelers.” He joined NAHB in 1968, and became active in the association’s remodeling constituency the following year. His authorship of numerous articles and frequent appearances as a speaker and instructor for CGR and CGB, including the one-day basic business seminar, has meant so much to remodelers getting started and joining the remodeler family. Motsenbocker’s contributions and leadership have been honored on numerous occasions: local HBA Builder of the Year 1980 and 1995; State Remodeler of the Year 1986 and 1997; NAHB Remodelor of the Year 1986; and the state of Indiana’s highest honor — the John C. Hart Presidential Award. He has also been regularly featured in and as a contributor to, a variety of trade and industry publications.

Bryan Patchan

Patchan’s long association with NAHB Remodelers, formerly the Remodelors Council, includes serving 18 years as its executive director. He was involved with several initiatives, projects and programs that have helped define the association and the remodeling industry. Throughout the NAHB federation, he created programs, leadership, and knowledge for remodelers. The Home Owners Warranty/Remodelors Warranty Program; the Quality Standards for Remodelers, now the Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction; the creation in 1996 of Professional Remodeler magazine; the Remodelers’ Show; the FHA Title 1 program — the list of areas where he has invested his time, effort, and commitment mirrors all the landmarks of the remodeling industry’s development in the past three decades. Patchan’s induction in the Hall of Fame is a direct result of his caring, passionate nature to work for remodelers and for the industry.

Walt Stoeppelwerth

For more than 30 years, Stoeppelwerth worked to raise the level of professionalism throughout the remodeling industry by advocating sound business practice. Stoeppelwerth, who is director of Bethesda, Md.-based HomeTech Information Systems, served in a variety of leadership roles within NAHB Remodelers during its early history. He was also one of the country’s earliest speakers on remodeling industry topics. With the publication in 1985 of Professional Remodeling Management, one of the first books on remodeling business management, Stoeppelwerth began teaching thousands of remodelers how to improve every aspect of their business. As a leading spokesperson for the remodeling industry, he has helped raise the professional standards of the sector, and in doing so has done an invaluable service to the public perception and understanding of the industry.

Omar Brown

Known for his lifetime of commitment to the improvement of the professional image of the home building industry, Brown started one of the first local remodelors councils in the country in 1956 and went on to assist in the formation of several more councils throughout Washington in subsequent years. A founding member of the Washington state remodelors council, he held every office and served on every committee at one time or another. He recruited 557 new NAHB members, which made him the first in the state of Washington to achieve that level of recruitment. Active in labor relations and community service, honors presented to Brown throughout his career include: Builder of the Year, Remodelor of the Year, Builder Hall of Fame, and Remodelor of the Century at the local association and State levels; NAHB Membership Hall of Famer, NAHB Statesman Spike, Remodelors Council Chair, and National Remodeler of the Year.

Neil Kelly

Neil Kelly’s work to improve the remodeling industry began soon after he started the Neil Kelly Company — one of the country’s top remodeling enterprises — from a roofing and siding company he purchased for $100 in the late 1940s. From the earliest days of his industry involvement, he declared his commitment to ensuring that reputable contractors support each other through effective organization, and followed through on that declaration as an active member of NERSICA, an early remodeling trade association, in the 1950s and early 1960s. He was instrumental in the merger of the NHIC and the National Remodeling Association into NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Typical of his willingness to lead the charge, he took on the challenge of being the first NARI president, serving two terms in 1982 and 1983. A long list of local, state national awards — including his induction into the Oregon Home Builders Association Hall of Fame — are a testament to the dedication and commitment of this remodeling industry pioneer.

Norvin “Charlie” Knutson

Knutson was part of NAHB for as long as he was involved in the construction industry. He helped establish the Remodelors Council in Milwaukee at a time when there were less than 25 local councils nationwide. One of his most enduring contributions to the industry first took place in his hometown where he single-handedly orchestrated the first Parade of Remodeled Homes. He holds the distinction of being the first chairman of NAHB Remodelers in 1982. Knutson’s work to have NAHB Remodelers address the issues of warranties has evolved over the years into one of NAHB’s top all-time best selling publications: The Residential Construction Performance Guidelines. His daughter, Cindy Knutson, continues his work as an active NAHB member and leader of Wisconsin-based Knutson Brothers II, and his legacy lives on through the work of the National Housing Endowment Remodelors Fund established in his honor.