National Associate Chairman Nomination Form

Contact: Topher McLarty
(202) 266-8246

Please fill out the form below to nominate a candidate for NAHB National Associate Chairman. Make sure the candidate meets the eligibility criteria.

Criteria for National Associate Chairman Eligibility

The qualifications for National Associate Chairman are stated in the NAHB bylaws (Article VII, Sec. 2). To summarize:

Each National Associate Chairman:

  1. Shall be, and must remain during the term of office, an Associate Member in good standing (this also applies to each candidate for the office); and
  2. Shall have served, prior to election, not less than one (1) full term as a member of the Associate Members Committee or as a trustee of the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council, or for one (1) term as a Delegate of the NAHB Leadership Council or as a Director of the NAHB Board of Directors; and,
  3. Shall have been found by the NAHB Nominations Committee in its opinion to have demonstrated leadership ability in the service listed in item No. 2 above.

In addition, each National Associate Chairman:

  • May not — during the term of office or while a candidate — concurrently serve in any of the following Associate Members Committee leadership roles:
    • Chairman
    • 1st Vice Chairman
    • 2nd Vice Chairman, and/or
    • BUILD-PAC Associate Vice Chairman.
  • Shall have been found by the Associate Members Committee’s Governance Subcommittee* or the Associate Members Committee’s Governance Working Group to have met the eligibility requirements stated in items No. 1 and 2 above.

Applications are due no later than Monday, July 18, 2022

* Associate Members Committee’s Governance Subcommittee subject to approval.

Is nominated for election to the office of National Associate Chairman.

This will certify that the candidate is an Associate Member in good standing of their Association, and meets the requirements of eligibility for the office as set forth in the NAHB Bylaws, by having served, prior to election, a full term as one of the following:

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