NAHB Instructor Application

Courses for NAHB’s professional designations are taught by the best source possible: industry professionals with years of field experience.

To become an NAHB approved instructor, you must complete the instructor application and meet all the requirements. This application and supporting documentation will be sent to the Instructor Review Committee (IRC) for evaluation. The IRC makes the final determination on the approval of all applications.

Please indicate which course(s) you are applying to teach. Remember you must have taken the course before you can apply to teach it.







Provide your Subject Matter Expertise statement(s) for each course you are requesting approval to instruct in ONE file. Each statement should be 250 words or less and describe how your experience relates to the subject matter of the course. You must include specific examples of quantity and scope of involvement, size of projects and other pertinent information that you feel would assist the Instructor Review Committee in making a determination about your eligibility to teach this course.

Professional Bio/Resume


Provide three references with full contact information supporting your expertise in the subject matter area. All references must come from industry professionals (non-HBA/NAHB staff) outside of your company or family. Some examples for references are past students, other instructors, past co-workers, etc.

Maintenance Requirements

To maintain your approved instructor status, you must do the following:

  1. Electronically review and sign the NAHB Instructor Guidelines annually.
  2. Teach at least one class every five years or apply for an extension.
  3. Maintain a 4.5 or greater participant evaluation rating on a 5-point scale. Evaluation scores are reviewed quarterly based on a rolling average over a two-year period for both individual courses and overall instructor rating. If your evaluation score is below 4.5 you will be referred to the Instructor Review Committee and may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including removal of your approved status. These actions may be taken on an individual course basis or as an overall action based upon the committee’s recommendation after the committee has completed its review.