Class Materials Order Form

Contact: Rebecca Wray
Manager, Education Programs
(202) 266-8174

Use this form to order the following materials:

  • Registration Packages. Order one per student. Required for ALL classes. Each package includes a Scantron registration/answer sheet, student evaluation, pencil and other relevant NAHB Education information. Order these as you have classes scheduled or in bulk so you have them on hand.
  • CAPS Learning Aids (One per student): Required for Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS I) course. The learning aids are $5 each and the Licensee will be billed for this order when invoiced for the class. Return unused aids to ROI or keep them for use in future class offerings. You can order each of the following materials before scheduling any offerings as long as you schedule them at least the day before or the day of to receive a Class ID.
  • HCCP: includes an HCCP package, pencil and calculator. One per student.
  • Important Shipping Information:

    Allow 2-5 business days for shipping. We recommend that you order your materials 10-14 days in advance. If this is not possible, and materials need to be shipped any way other than Ground UPS, the Licensee is responsible for the shipping costs. Orders received by 1 p.m. ET will be shipped same day. Orders received after 1 p.m. ET will ship the following business day. If you have an emergency request after 1 p.m. to ship that day, please call 202-266-8174.

    It is the responsibility of the Licensee to inventory and verify accuracy of materials ordered and received. If a mistake is identified or if you have not received your materials within four days of your class, notify NAHB immediately so you are not responsible for any rush shipping associated with the replacement materials.

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Required for CAPS I class; $5 each; 1 per student/class; No shipping fee if shipped Ground. Enter quantity above.

1 per student. No shipping fee if shipped Ground. Select quantity above.

Enter the type of delivery required for this order based on when you need the materials. Fees for orders other than Ground will be billed to the Licensee.

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