CGB GMB Consumer PowerPoint Presentation Usage Guidelines for CGB GMB Designees

Contact: Crystal Y. Floyd
(202) 266-8148

Use of the CGB/GMB PowerPoint presentation is a benefit for individuals who currently hold the Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) and/or Graduate Master Builder (GMB) designations, NAHB approved Builder/Remodeler instructors and NAHB Education licensees.

Use by a designee is limited to identifying him or her as a CGB and/or GMB designee in good standing of NAHB. The presentation may not be used in any manner or position to denote or imply any endorsement by NAHB of a member’s product or services, and designees may not convey use of this presentation to another individual for any purpose whatsoever.

By downloading this presentation, I reaffirm the following statements that I acknowledged and agreed to when I accepted the NAHB CGB/GMB PowerPoint Presentation Usage Guidelines.

  • I represent that I have reviewed and understand the terms outlined above; I agree to discontinue all use of the CGB/GMB PowerPoint if my designation has lapsed or the designation is terminated by me or by NAHB for any reason.
  • I agree only to alter the presentation on the slides where I am permitted to include my personal or company information, testimonials from customers or images of work performed by myself or my company.
  • I have reviewed the NAHB Brand Identity Guidelines for NAHB Members and Affiliated State and Local Associations and I agree to adhere to those guidelines to the best of my ability.
  • I understand that NAHB reserves the right to withdraw my permission to use the presentation if I do not comply with the specifications and purpose set out in the guidelines; and
  • I understand that misuse of the presentation constitutes grounds for revocation of my CGB and/or GMB designation.

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