CORE+Flex: A Trade Staffing Strategy that Optimizes Project Labor Productivity

Contact: Elearning

Recorded: November 30

Want to greatly mitigate labor shortage challenges and costs? Presented by Tradesmen International, this webinar will highlight a proven CORE+Flex(TM) staffing strategy you can utilize to effectively run with a leaner full-time workforce and flex in -- on a “Just-In-Time” basis -- electricians, framing and trim carpenters, painters and other trades. Using a variety of home builder case studies, they’ll explain how you can partner with reputable skilled labor staffing partners to sustain a balanced work-to-worker ratio throughout your project lifecycles, prove how using contract labor reduces recruitment, workers’ comp, unemployment and other costs, and present examples for how to achieve savings and optimize margins using the easy to implement strategy.

Sponsored by Tradesmen International, a leading trade staffing resource for residential builders. Tradesmen’s customizable strategies, implemented by nearly 200 local service teams and our National Recruiting Center, support client efforts to sustain optimized workforce productivity throughout natural workload fluctuations in project lifecycles.