HCCP Continuing Education Criteria

Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP)
Contact: NAHB Learning Helpline
(800) 368-5242 ext. 8154

To maintain your HCCP designation, you are required to complete four hours of continuing education every year from the educational activities listed below. Please keep proof of participation in case you are audited. Keep this info: certificate of attendance, certificate of completion, attendance letter or other event literature with official sponsor verification, stating topic, date and number of hours in duration. Note that all continuing education must be completed during the renewal cycle for which it applies.

Participate in a LIHTC industry-related training class, seminar or technical conference. (One continuing education hour is equal to one hour of instruction/training.) The event must have a published agenda and/or specific topic area. Workshops, seminars and technical sessions can be used continuing education only if the event meets the above criteria. Eligible events may be offered by a state housing agency, private compliance trainer, seminar company or trade association. Events eligible for CE credit must be selected from LIHTC-industry related offerings.

HCCP Webinars. The HCCP Board of Governors hosts quarterly one-hour webinars on LIHTC topics. HCCPs that participate in all four events will fulfill their CE requirement.

Be an instructor, speaker or presenter for an LIHTC industry-related training class, seminar or technical conference. Please submit a copy of the information that was presented and include the length and date of the presentation. For material that is presented on an ongoing basis, credit will be awarded one time only.