Top 5 Reasons to Apply for an IBS Scholarship


The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) Scholarship Program is a way for NAHB members who are 21-35 years old to experience everything IBS offers. Scholarship recipients receive an IBS Registration (IBS Expo+Education Pass), travel stipend, hotel accommodations for the show, and more for IBS 2025, taking place Feb. 25-27, 2025, in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the top professional development opportunities and industry insights that last year’s recipients were excited to take from the event:


“I hope to begin my career networking on this trip and to learn more about the industry because engineering can be very ‘heady’ and neglect the physical feasibility of what we design. It’s important to know more about the buildings I am designing and meet those people who can teach me about that.”

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Elizabeth Boone, structural designer at Myer Hill Consulting and member of Building Industry Association of Lancaster

Attending Education Sessions

“I intend to approach this experience with as much openness and eagerness as possible. I know I have a tremendous amount to learn about the industry, the innovation and problem solving happening, the unique needs and challenges facing NAHB members. I know I run the risk of information overload, but I am looking forward to challenging myself and my current understanding by diving into IBS head first!

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Jessica Casebolt, director of operations at Oddball Creative Agency and member of the Home Builders Association of Owensboro

Exploring Policies and Solutions

“I’m eager to tackle the challenges related to land acquisition and development cost optimization. I’m also interested in exploring creative strategies to increase housing inventory and address affordability issues. These are crucial issues in the real estate and home-building industry, and I believe finding innovative solutions will be both challenging and rewarding.”

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Daytrieon Dean, project manager/developer at South West Acquisitions and member of the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee

“I’d like to dive into the policy making behind restrictions being placed on developers.It seems the government overreach has handcuffed many folks in the industry, and deters builders from the ability to build affordably.”

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Alex Milton, vice president at A.S.K. Properties and member of the Building Industry Association of Washington

Enhancing Workforce Development

“I want to see the industry attract the next generation of young people. It’s a great industry to work in, but we need to get the word out about it.”

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Andrew Grant, forward planning manager at KB Homes and member of the North State Building Industry Association

Discovering Trends

“Since we have been building more model homes in the past couple years than I could ever remember, I am looking for new products or even new cutting-edge installation methods. Sometimes the best designs are to take an older product and show case it in a new way. I am also really looking forward to attending classes in addition to the trade floor.”

– 2024 IBS Scholarship Recipient Janna Pettegrew, design center manager at ICI Homes and member of the Volusia Building Industry Association

The IBS Scholarship program is open to NAHB members in good standing between the ages of 21-35. Application information, including video submission guidelines, can be found at

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