NAHB’s Most Successful Member Recruiter Honored for Milestone Achievement

Contact: Rachel Mackenzie
[email protected]
Manager, Net Member Growth

NAHB continues to move "onwards and upwards" thanks in large part to its leading member recruiter, S. Robert August.

August, founder and president of North Star Synergies, recently surpassed 5,000 Spike credits -- which are awarded after a member joins the Federation or renews their membership -- making him the most successful recruiter in NAHB history.

For his outstanding success in member recruitment and retention, August was honored at the annual Leadership Council Meeting during the 2024 International Builders' Show.

"The most important objective is retention, it's not only about recruitment right away," said August.

"We need to retain 100% of our members. We need to find ways to keep them involved and engaged so they can help us recruit more and more. Then we need to be on the lookout for wonderful recruiting opportunities."

As one of his guiding mantras, August said the three most important ingredients for business success as well as member recruitment are "contact, contact, contact." He added, "Nothing happens in business without people getting along."

In his honor, NAHB Immediate Past Chairman Alicia Huey announced that the S. Robert August membership award will launch during this year's awards cycle. Details will be announced soon.

"NAHB is grateful to Robert for his exceptional commitment to our mission and for empowering other to serve in the home building industry," said Huey.

"Today, we honor him with an award emblazoned with the words he uses to encourage all of us, 'onwards and upwards,' a testament to his boundless optimism and energy."

The following video was shown to celebrate August's accomplishments.

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