How to Get Started in Offsite Construction


Offsite construction continues to be a hot topic in the building industry and beyond for its efficiency and speed amid the current housing supply shortage. Despite its growing appeal, however, only 2% of homes are constructed using offsite building methods.

These building methods often require a shift not only in construction techniques and materials, but in companies’ business models as well, which can be daunting to builders.

“Offsite construction can streamline the building process and significantly reduce construction time, delivering projects 20% to 50% faster than traditional methods at a cost savings of up to 20%,” shared Matt Belcher, principal at Verdatek Solutions LLC and Enhanced Building Systems LLC, and chair of NAHB’s Building Systems Councils. “This approach also offers a strong business case to builders, for whom time is money, by mitigating delays due to weather exposure, availability issues with onsite delivery, onsite workforce issues and assembly on a piecemeal basis.”

The 2023 NAHB Building Systems Housing Summit, taking place Oct. 15-17 in Washington, D.C., aims to help builders and developers discover offsite construction solutions and connect with experts in the field.

Programming for this year’s summit includes the Systems Built Construction 101 track, with education sessions such as:

  • High-Performance Enclosures — Faster, Better, Cheaper
  • Non-Combustible, High-Wind Resistant, Net-Zero Homes with Concrete Systems
  • Megatrends Driving Innovation and the Adoption of Industrialized Construction
  • Offsite Construction Housing Forecast
  • Cold-Formed Steel Construction — A New Tool for Affordable Housing
  • Developing the Perfect Offsite Team
  • Crunching the Numbers: Making Modular Work in the Real World

In addition to networking breaks and a welcome reception, registration for the event also includes a keynote event, “Trends in Offsite Solutions, From Capital to Components,” featuring Margaret Whalen & Currey Cornelius.

“The offsite construction industry has experienced a lot of growth and innovation in the past several years that offer exciting opportunities for new builders and developers to get involved in this space,” noted Whalen. “One of the biggest game changers that we plan to highlight at the summit is availability of capital. From strategic partnerships to equity infusions, investors are interested in backing offsite solutions companies.”

An optional site tour is also available following the summit.

Don't miss your opportunity to learn about emerging systems-built housing trends, forge valuable connections and find solutions to your biggest business challenges. Register today.

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