How to Become a Better Leader

Young Professionals Education
Contact: Rachel Mackenzie
Manager, Net Member Growth

Leadership skills are essential to running any successful business. Although mastering the art of leadership takes time, learning the skills to help communicate and inspire those around you can start immediately.

“Strong leadership skills allow young professionals to effectively guide teams, spearhead initiatives, and become influential voices in moving the home building industry forward,” said Anya Chrisanthon, chief brand officer at Anewgo.

“Events focused on leadership development during YP Week provide opportunities to cultivate critical skills like communication, strategic thinking and motivating others that prepare members to take on greater responsibility and drive progress.”

NAHB’s 2023 Young Professionals (YP) Week will take place Oct. 16-20. It will focus on leadership development with five days of exciting events to connect industry professionals from all across the nation.

The events for this year’s YP Week include:

  • Monday, Oct. 16: Leaders are Readers. Members will discuss books, podcasts and articles that have inspired YPs to build better businesses.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17: Some Good Advice. Members will share the best advice they’ve ever received and learn from colleagues’ experiences.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18: Mentors Matter. Members can register to be a mentee or mentor, and find a match.
  • Thursday, Oct. 19: Climbing the Leadership Ladder. Members can take the next steps with NAHB and apply to become a leader, locally.
  • Friday, Oct. 20: Family Friday. Members will discuss the realities of work-life balance while having a family.

“YP Week events provide invaluable opportunities for networking, mentorship and career development that are essential for young professionals in the home building industry,” said Chrisanthon.

“Attending past YP Week panels on topics like leadership development and marketing to millennials expanded my perspective and allowed me to connect with leaders nationwide.”

Don’t miss out on the upcoming plans, including an Oct. 19 panel on fatherhood and careers, featuring YP representatives and Andrew Chomer, managing partner at

All YP Week details are available in the latest YP Week Flyer.

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