Is There a Better Way to Build?

The Future of Single-Family Construction Is Here

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It’s no secret the construction industry is facing numerous challenges, including labor shortages, supply chain issues, and the increasing need to build more energy-efficient buildings. But many builders still don’t know that there’s an innovative way to overcome these challenges while building in a fraction of the time. 

How? With panelized construction.

Panelized construction is a cutting-edge building method that involves the fabrication of building components in a controlled environment before they are transported to the jobsite and assembled. While some panelized systems are limited to the framing and sheathing of the building, others include windows and doors, insulation, water and moisture barriers, and even finishes. This approach significantly streamlines the construction process, makes more efficient use of labor and materials, reduces waste, and offers greater quality control, making it an appealing alternative to traditional on-site construction methods.

Manufacturing panels in a controlled environment offers undeniable advantages. Most notable is the potential for improved construction quality. Constructing panels in a factory enables skilled workers to focus on precision and detail, resulting in panels that are often more accurate and consistent than those constructed on-site. Additionally, the standardized production process can help identify and rectify design flaws or construction errors early in the process, reducing the likelihood of costly rework.

And unlike standard construction, which is subject to weather-related delays and on-site constraints, panelized construction allows for uninterrupted work, speeding project completion time. The on-site assembly process is extremely quick and requires much less labor compared to conventional methods. Because panels are pre-engineered to fit together seamlessly, assembly becomes a matter of skilled coordination rather than extensive on-site construction work. This not only accelerates project timelines but also reduces the disruption and inconvenience caused to nearby communities.

The benefits don’t stop there. Panelized construction also eliminates the need to store materials at the jobsite where they may be exposed to the elements, reducing the risk of damage. Combined with the efficiency of panelized construction, this helps to reduce material waste. In traditional construction, excess materials and resources are commonly discarded due to imprecise measurements or on-site adjustments. In contrast, the pre-engineering offered by panelized construction significantly minimizes waste generation. This environmentally friendly aspect of the method aligns with modern sustainability goals.

At CertainTeed, our full-service panelized solution helps residential builders and developers who want to build more beautiful, durable, energy-efficient homes per year by simplifying and accelerating the construction process. We streamline everything from compliance, energy performance, and trade management to material handling and waste management.

The fully insulated and weather-tight panels are manufactured to your building design, ensuring that it is loyal to the original plans and providing construction documents with the necessary level of detail. Our digital tools convert the overall design into a suite of custom-sized wall, roof, and floor panels, as well as stairs, all optimized for transportation and ease of assembly by our team on the jobsite.

For forward-looking builders who want to capitalize on advances in manufacturing, design, and building science to create efficient, high-quality homes, panelized construction is an exciting opportunity. Its ability to speed project completion, simplify labor, and improve sustainability makes it a hard-to-resist option in today's rapidly evolving construction industry. As technology continues to advance, panelized construction is likely to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the built environment of the future.

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Panelized home interior
Interior living area of a home built using panelized construction techniques.

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