3 Key Benefits of Starting or Joining a Student Chapter

Student Chapters
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Summer is nearing its end, and for many, that means it's time to go back to school. This is a great opportunity for HBAs to create or re-establish student chapters at schools with skilled or vocational programs and colleges with construction management programs.

NAHB currently boasts more than 100 student chapters nationwide, including more than 160 faculty advisors and 4,500 student members. And there are several reasons why these chapters are growing in popularity, including:

  1. Student chapters are crucial to the growth of the next generation of home builders. HBAs have the chance to provide hands-on experience and share their depth of institutional knowledge with those who have a budding passion for residential construction.
  2. Student chapters provide a unique, open forum for students to engage with and learn from their peers as well as from industry professionals. This helps foster a sense of community and gives them opportunities to learn from real-world experience and team collaboration. Student members may visit construction sites, manufacturing plants and even participate in competitions.
  3. Members of student chapters have a competitive advantage when job hunting, as employers seek candidates with extracurricular activities beyond typical coursework. When seeking a full-time job, students also enjoy the added benefit of having already met or worked with some of the NAHB members in the area.

See which HBAs already have a student chapter, and learn how you can start a student chapter.

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