How Business Software Saves Time and Your Bottom Line

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What could your staff do with 20 extra hours in the work week? If they’re drowning in too many time-consuming, monotonous tasks, you could be feeling it in your bottom line. When processes drain time and resources, your money bleeds from:

  • Manual processes that take too long
  • Payments that need to be tracked
  • Employees working overtime
  • Missed appointments
  • Lost opportunities

You can help your team create more efficient work processes that will stop money from slipping through the cracks. The right software will drastically improve your small business's efficiency. A reliable system, centered around a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, offers many helpful features to stop your business from wasting time and losing money.

Digital estimates and invoices can be quickly created from your phone and sent via email or text message within a few clicks. According to Levvel Research, billing automation helps businesses save an average of $13 per invoice processed. For companies processing 500 invoices per month, you're looking at an annual savings of $78,000.

By implementing an easy-to-use payment processor, you can free office staff from the phone to handle more meaningful work, allow technicians to expedite the payment process, skip the bank runs to drop checks and save money on excess paper.

Add time back into the day. When it comes to those important in-office tasks, take a look at those manual processes that are draining energy for your staff. One major culprit — the phone.

Your staff has better things to do than sit on the phone scheduling out appointments. In fact, your customers would rather not make the call: 80% of consumers say they're more motivated to book an appointment if they can do it online. Allow your customers access to online booking to schedule on their own time and help your staff clock on time.

If double-booking is a concern, sync your technicians' calendars within your CRM to see their availability and track the details associated with each project like location and specific requirements for each job with ease.

Automate manual processes. Most businesses spend a shocking 14 hours each week completing administrative tasks related to collecting payments. If staff members are manually reaching out to customers regarding missing payments, implementing marketing automation software can get your team some of that time back.

Marketing automation software can trigger gentle payment reminders via email or text message as well. Email and text automation can also send reminders for upcoming appointments, special promotions, post-service thank-yous, new services and more.

Thryv provides a cost-effective, all-in-one small business software platform built to help small businesses streamline operations and grow. Visit us online to set up a personalized, no-pressure demo for your business today.

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