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As Susan Heinz was starting her contractor business in 2017, she recognized early on the value of two critical elements of success: building relationships and improving efficiency.

“So much of what we do in this industry is relationship based,” said Heinz, who co-founded the Florida-based Heinz Group with her husband. “Thankfully, NAHB membership gives us added credibility and networking opportunities, as well as increased access to business management tools.”

So she sought a management software to help not only operate her business more efficiently and boost profitability, but also establish connections with clients and other professionals more easily. Through the NAHB Member Savings Program, Heinz took advantage of the discounts available for a Houzz Pro account and quickly began to see results.

“The tools within Houzz Pro have truly helped us grow,” she says. “For example, the Estimate Builder lets us create estimates faster and share them more easily with our clients. They can access their timeline and review and approve an estimate, all within the same link.”

Before leveraging their Houzz Pro account, Heinz says they used a different business management software that they felt was too cumbersome, particularly for the client. Switching to a more user-friendly platform became a priority.

“With the Houzz Pro timeline feature, our clients can see exactly how their project is progressing week by week,” Heinz said. “And with the Project Collaboration [feature], it's easy to view and share specific information about the project with everyone on the build team.”

Winning Over Clients

Consistent client communications is also a big focus for Lindsay Floyd, who runs Kimber Homes in portions of California and Oklahoma. Houzz Pro helps the company not only stay connected with the clients, but also educate them about the project and help them better envision the design options.

“Many clients have been thinking about doing a remodel for years but they just haven’t yet pulled the trigger on it,” she says. “But with the [Houzz Pro] 3D Planner, where they see the space come to life in both 2D and 3D views — with specific counters, cabinets, lighting, stools and more — they realize the benefit of spending that money. I feel that has been key to really help our clients move forward with their projects.”

Floyd used other programs, but found that the Houzz Pro planner was simpler and faster to use, allowing them to communicate with clients more quickly. She also says using Houzz Pro has drastically reduced the time it takes to generate estimates while improving accuracy.

Interior designers also enjoy the benefits of using features like Houzz Pro Mood Boards to show clients what the purchases will look like in their home, making it easier for them to say yes.

“Frankly, for the cost, it's probably the best money I spend on my business,” said longtime NAHB member Holley Pokora, owner of Holley Pokora Interior Design. “That’s the beauty of having Houzz Pro as part of my 'tool belt' — it saves everyone time and ultimately leads to more sales.”

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