Learn Strategies for Managing Mental Health

Contact: Brad Mannion
Director, Labor, Health & Safety
(202) 266-8265

Construction workers are particularly susceptible to mental health issues and suicide — which is a silent killer in the industry. Although the most common mental health problems are anxiety and depression, other disorders like the Substance Misuse can be considered a mental health issue as well.

When a worker is struggling to manage mental health issues, their safety and the safety of all those around them on the jobsite can be compromised.

As a part of its ongoing initiative regarding members’ mental health and well-being, NAHB recently created a new video “toolbox talk” on mental health. The video covers critical topics such as:

  • Identifying the warning signs of mental distress
  • Mental health risk factors
  • Strategies for managing mental health

NAHB is also partnering with the North Carolina HBA (NCHBA) on a pilot program called “Blueprint for Worker Well-Being.” The goal of the program is to develop a strategic plan for mental health promotion and suicide prevention which can be replicated by other HBAs across the country.

The program involves storytelling, the first installments of which are now available on nahb.org. The video series features NCHBA members sharing their stories, as well as accompanying Q&A videos.

Watch the toolbox talk below to learn more about mental health awareness. English and Spanish versions of the video, along with a helpful handout, are available on the Mental Health Awareness webpage. For more information on opioid misuse, visit the resources on the Opioids in the Home Building Industry page.

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