Pompeo Stands Tall with Home Builders


Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo began his address to the NAHB Leadership Council today by thanking local home builders in Kansas who supported him earlier in his career when he ran for Congress, and he went on to express solidarity to home builders for all they do to strengthen America.

“The folks who are here from Wichita gave me some incredibly important support back when I first ran for Congress and that’s something I’ll always be grateful to them for,” said Pompeo.

He noted that housing and homeownership are critical to a prosperous and powerful American economy and that the strength of the nation’s economy lies with its small businesses.

“You as home builders know this and work every day to provide the American dream to our citizens.”

Despite global threats from China, Russia and North Korea, Pompeo projected strong confidence in the strength of America and the ideals that make this the greatest nation on earth.

“I am deeply confident we will get another 250 good years in America,” Pompeo said. “Our foundational institutions matter. It’s our churches, synagogues and little league teams, our chambers of commerce, local school boards and small businesses. These are the things that make America unique — and home building and homeownership are an important part of that equation.”

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