NAHB Publishes Model Safety Program for Remodelers

Contact: Brad Mannion
Director, Labor, Health & Safety
(202) 266-8265

Having a written safety plan in place is essential to protecting workers and others on a jobsite. NAHB recently published the free Remodelers Safety & Health Program, a model safety program specifically for residential construction companies that primarily engage in remodeling projects.

The Remodelers Safety & Health Program contains the materials needed to effortlessly set up a safety program and is intended to be used by management, who can take the safety program and provide it to each project site.

The program is flexible and editable so that remodelers can have a safety plan specific to each site. The program is intended to cover company employees only.

This program is designed with small companies in mind. It is a practical model program, complete with forms and documentation, that will help smaller businesses stand up an effective safety program without hiring an additional employee or consultant. It will be revised periodically to ensure it includes the latest information remodelers need.

Residential construction can be a dangerous job. But with proper safety policies and programs in place and diligent adherence to them, jobsites can be accident free and efficient. NAHB is committed to promoting a culture of safety for all businesses in the home building and remodeling industry.

Download the complete safety program in English or Spanish and use the forms on the Remodelers Safety & Health Program page to execute the program and display on jobsites.

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