NAHB Urges White House to Act on Transformer Shortages

Contact: Alex Strong
Senior Director, Federal Legislative
(202) 266-8279

NAHB is continuing to press the Biden administration to take action to address the severe shortage of electrical transformers that are preventing many of our members across the nation from completing home building projects.

NAHB has held several conversations on this issue with U.S. Department of Commerce officials but the shortage of transformers and other electrical components is spreading across the country and imperiling many construction projects and the ability to provide affordable housing.

NAHB has therefore taken the lead with our colleagues at the Associated Builders and Contractors, Association of General Contractors and Independent Electrical Contractors to send a joint letter to President Biden reiterating our concerns regarding the lack of supply and availability of transformers and related components. The letter notes that “significant shortages of single-phase transformers and other components are preventing local jurisdictions from issuing building permits because there is no way to provide power to the new homes.”

The problem is particularly acute in Arkansas and Florida and has been compounded by the damage wrought by Hurricane Ian.

The White House was told that it’s not just electrical transformers that are in short supply. The time for delivering electrical switchgear has doubled from 20 to 40 weeks, and delays are growing for switchboards, circuit breakers and other key material inputs for housing and other infrastructure.

NAHB and the other organizations are asking the White House to convene a summit with affected stakeholders to discuss solutions to these problems.

“Focused attention to these matters is needed to resolve these shortages and rebuild critical infrastructure in disaster-affected areas and across the United States where projects have been put on hold due to shortages,” the letter stated.

A copy of the letter was also sent to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, and Ambassador Katherine Tai, the United States Trade Representative.

View the letter here.

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