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This post is an except of a full article that originally appeared in Pro Remodeler magazine.

A growing number of today’s home owners are digital natives: They grew up with the internet at their fingertips and expect automated processes to pervade every area of their lives, including buying a new home.

It is a mistake to assume that the residential remodeling industry can ignore the importance of a digital presence, expecting that business will proceed as it always has. The industry must adapt to the buyers of today, and tomorrow.

Home owners from every generation use online services and apps like Angi, HomeAdvisor and Houzz to find remodelers, but digital natives have even higher expectations for their online experience. They want web content to be not just readily available and robust, but also interactive and attractive.

Remodelers should be mindful of their online presence with an eye to attracting attention. These days, great photos of completed projects and 3D walkthroughs are the bare minimum, no longer the gold standard.

It’s also important to implement more advanced digital marketing tools to brand your remodeling business and build your sales pipeline. Skimp on your digital presence and you risk getting left behind.


Remarketing leverages vast online ad networks, like Google, to serve ads to users who have visited a specific web page. This can be set up through numerous third-party remarketing services or directly through Google AdWords.

Of course, you must first draw visitors to your site, and social media can be an important part of that.

Social Media

Many residential remodelers have eagerly adopted social media as a key part of their marketing efforts. But it is important that businesses understand that success on social media is often the result of intentional, thoughtful planning rather than achieving hard-to-quantify “viral” postings.

To target younger potential clients, remodelers might consider messaging that touts the benefits of updates, retrofits and remodels, like better energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials and spaces designed to suit today’s demands. When combined with company branding and an all-important link to a landing page on the company’s site, these messages can begin to sell the idea of remodeling a home rather than buying a different one.

It’s key to the success of digital marketing that this content feels natural in users’ social media feeds. Cross-posting on various platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and yes, even TikTok, can be critical to developing an audience that is engaged through multiple touch points. Spend time on the platforms, look for trends, and don’t be afraid to adapt content you’re seeing for your brand.

Social media is all about fast-paced creation, but capitalizing on the moment with your content can be key in appealing to your target audiences.

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