Essentials for Managing Construction Projects

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When managing a construction project, there are many areas you must consider. At every stage, you need to take into account the viewpoints of those on the jobsite and those funding the project. Here are tips you can use to improve the project management process.

Continue Planning Throughout the Project

It’s tempting for any project manager to make a concrete plan at the beginning of a project and refuse to change it except in the direst of circumstances. But doing things in the real world doesn’t always go according to plan, and being open to changing elements of the plan — or even planning as you go — can be beneficial. 

You see this willingness to adjust plans in the Lean-Agile approach taken by software companies, in which they plan for every sprint, section of work, and every milestone. 

By continuing to plan throughout the project, home builders can actually get a good view of any scope creep and keep a tight rein on risks. It also helps you deal quickly with any problems that arise, as your plan is fluid enough to adapt to the situation at hand.

Ask Questions of Everyone Involved in the Project

Take time to look at both the big and small picture and ask questions of those in various positions in the company. Speak with the architect or designer — in-house or out — for the project so you know and understand their concerns and when to update or engage them. Talk with construction workers to find out if they feel the jobsite is safe and meets their needs.   

Communication is key to a project’s success, but that doesn’t mean simply relying on bland reporting; project management is, at heart, a people-focused endeavor, and having everyone working toward the same goal is critical. If you continually ask people what they need and want, their concerns, and where they are in the process, you get a good picture of any challenges or roadblocks … and ensure everyone feels as though they’re being heard.

Key Takeaways for Successful Project Management

Construction management is a form of project management that can have disastrous consequences if things don’t go right. However, the key takeaways for improving your project are to be flexible in your planning, keep risk top of mind, and ensure communication workflows are developed early on and maintained throughout the project. Do this and you should find your project — and life — become much easier.

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