How to Check the Financial Pulse of Your Business

Business Management

For builders who want to know how their business stacks up against the competition — within their regional market as well as across the nation — the NAHB publication The Cost of Doing Business Study, 2022 Edition has the answers.

Builders now have the opportunity to see which U.S. builders are operating in the black, and compare the health of their business operations to industry standards. The 2022 edition provides in-depth analysis based on the financials of 1000s of businesses and examines performance according to builder type and size. Comparisons are made using industry-wide averages of key indicators such as gross margins, net profit, cost of sales, operating expenses and financial ratios.

The Cost of Doing Business Study contains a wealth of data to provide single-family builders with the latest information to:

  • Benchmark their employees’ level of compensation and benefits
  • Boost profitability
  • Increase efficiency
  • Set realistic budget targets
  • Improve upon business practices

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