Funding Available to Jumpstart Construction Management and Training Programs

Workforce Development

The residential construction industry continues to look for ways to attract the best and brightest to careers in construction management and the skilled trades. To help turn the tide, the National Housing Endowment (NHE) is offering several funding opportunities for colleges, universities and individuals to help address the ongoing needs in residential construction education.

State and local home builders associations (HBAs) and NAHB members active in industry education initiatives should encourage their local colleges and universities to apply for the 2023 Homebuilding Education Leadership Program (HELP). Through HELP, NHE has committed to awarding grants to leading two-year and four-year colleges and universities to help them create, expand or enhance residential construction management programs. Winning schools have received grant awards of up to $100,000 over a three-five year period.

Submitting a letter of inquiry (LOI) is the first step in the application procedure for NHE 2023 HELP Grant Program. Interested educational institutions must submit an LOI application by April 10, 2022. Education leaders can learn more and apply on NHE’s website.

NHE also offers Challenge/Build/Grow grant for HBAs. Eligible applicants are offered up to $5,000 in matching challenge grant funds for programs and projects addressing NAHB’s highest priority areas, including education and worker training — with a focus on building innovations and growing the future workforce.

For a complete list of scholarships and funding opportunities available, visit the NHE website. For questions, please contact Karima Simmons.

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