Applications for Committee Participation and Proposed Changes for the 2024 NGBS Now Open

Sustainability and Green Building

Preparations for the development of the 2024 version of the ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS) are now officially underway. Home Innovation Research Labs will act as the administrator of the standard development process. Once completed, the updated standard will be submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for approval.

The 2024 version of the NGBS will be the fifth iteration of this national standard. It was originally developed by a Consensus Committee and approved by ANSI in January 2009, making it the first green standard for residential construction, remodeling and land development to be approved by ANSI. As an ANSI-approved standard, the document is subject to periodic updates to ensure that advances in building codes, technology and other developments can be considered for incorporation. The last and most current iteration of the standard, the 2020 NGBS, was approved by ANSI in January 2020 and made available for certification of residential and mixed-use buildings later that year.

To be eligible for ANSI approval, the development of the standard must follow an ANSI-approved process. Home Innovation Research Labs has issued a call for members of the Consensus Committee to develop updates to the NGBS. The committee for the 2024 updated version, comparable to prior years, will include government officials, advocacy groups, home builders, product manufacturers and other affected industry stakeholders in residential and mixed-use construction.

The committee members and other interested parties will be assigned to task groups, each specializing in a different area of the NGBS. Submit an application online to serve on the Consensus Committee or a Task Group by April 5, 2022.

The entire Consensus Committee will hold two meeting in Washington, D.C., in 2022.

  • June 2022: Committee members will initiate the review of all proposed changes to the NGBS, which will include input from members of the relevant Task Groups.
  • Fall 2022: Consensus Committee members will consider, discuss and take formal action on all proposed changes. Individuals and groups can  submit proposed changes  to the NGBS online by April 5, 2022.

Once the committee has completed its work, the newly updated National Green Building Standard will be submitted to ANSI for approval.

To date, nearly 350,000 homes have been NGBS Green Certified to the National Green Building Standard, and tens of thousands are currently in the certification pipeline.

For additional information and future updates on the 2024 NGBS update process, visit

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