A Note from Buddy Hughes, Candidate for Third Vice Chairman of NAHB


The election for NAHB 2022 Third Vice Chairman will take place at the Leadership Council meeting on Feb. 10.

I want to thank everyone for their support in my candidacy for NAHB 2022 Third Vice Chair. When I first considered the possibility of running for this office, I never imagined the world we would be living in today. Words like zoom, virtual meetings and social distancing have become mainstays in our vocabulary.

One of the key words we have heard in the past two years is the word “essential.”

Thank goodness we have the National Association of Home Builders, state associations and many locals across the country to make sure that home building stayed essential. Imagine how our world would be today if residential construction had been shut down like restaurants and other industries.

I know that our NAHB Senior Officers and staff worked day and night to make sure we were able to continue to help the economy by providing new homes and keeping our members employed.

As we look towards the future, we should continue to make sure that our national association, our state associations and all of our local associations have the resources they need to continue to remain essential to our members. Whether it is advocacy, education or membership, NAHB needs all of us working together to solve each challenge.

COVID has tested us in ways we could not imagine. But out of this pandemic we have discovered new ways to communicate with each other and have seen the great value that our associations have for their members. Now we need to translate that value into ways for our associations to grow.

In my younger days, like many of you, I had the honor of earning my Eagle Scout badge. Many of you know that the Boy Scouts motto is “Be Prepared.” Our national association leadership has followed that mantra and has prepared NAHB to be ready for this next challenge.

My promise to you today is that I am committed to rolling up my sleeves and working with each one of you to continue to move our organization forward. Whether it is the lumber crisis, labor shortage or other regulatory issue our members face on a daily basis, NAHB will play a critical role in finding solutions. Together we will work to solve these challenges to once again show all of our members how important our associations perform for our success.

Elaine and I look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando in a couple of weeks. I greatly appreciate your support and humbly ask for your vote.

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