Median Age of Construction Worker In Line with National Average


According to NAHB analysis of the most recent 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) data, the median age of a construction worker is 41 — the same as the national average. This matches similar analysis by NAHB from 2017, in which the median age for both construction workers and the national workforce was also 41.

States reporting higher median ages among construction workers include:

  • Maine (47 years)
  • New Hampshire (46 years)
  • West Virginia (45 years)

States reporting lower median ages among construction workers include:

  • Alaska (36 years)
  • North Dakota (36 years)
  • Oklahoma (38 years)
  • Utah (38 years)

The map below indicates both the median age range for construction workers, as well as how that median age compares to the median age of the workforce in each state.

These geographic trends are comparable to 2017 data: Northeastern states such as Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Pennsylvania all reported higher median ages, while Midwestern and Western states such as Nebraska, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming reported lower median ages.

As the home building industry continues to experience a labor shortage, even as new residential construction jobs have been added in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, attracting new talent to the field is critical.

NAHB Economist Na Zhao provides more analysis, including a breakdown on median ages by role, in this Eye on Housing post.

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